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An Episode Choose Your Story Cheats wraparound for Kids and their Parents

Kids first, and then we’ll address their parents’ concerns. There’s exciting things to look forward to, but as with anything in life today, yes, still today, parents may have issues to deal with before freeing their thirteen year old kid to go off and play with his or her friends. Kids are still being told that they must be home at a certain time, and that’s a good thing all around. It’s not just for the kids’ safety; it’s for the welfare of the whole family.

So, as in getting home at a certain time, your folks might be monitoring your internet activity. They’re not necessarily telling you what to watch or read. That takes common sense and a good conscience to determine. On the whole, you have freedom to choose, but your time is restricted for you own good so that you can focus on getting your homework and chores done, and getting down to other healthy extra-mural activities.

One of the best of those is good reading, as much of it as you can get in. Online reading is a good practice for your future too, but what better way than to give you the opportunity to practice your own writing. Episode Choose Your Story Cheats is giving you that opportunity. To skill yourself well for your contribution, you’ll need to be following a favorite episode before you start adding your own dialogue or narrative twists.

Episode Choose Your Story Cheats

Keep your material in context with the original themes and characters, and you’ll do just fine. But try and make your folks proud and do yourself a mature favor by restricting the use of crudity and suggestiveness in your dialogue. Not only is it a foul-up, it’s not creative either.